Eat & Drink in Copenhagen at Torvehallerne Food Market


My time in Copenhagen, Denmark was quite short — I unintentionally booked a flight here because it was only $19. I only had a day and a half to explore Copenhagen and there were three "musts" on my list: one was Torvehallerne Food Market

Let me just say, I'm constantly seeking out food markets while traveling and this is by far one of the best I've ever experienced. Located in the neighborhood of Indre By, this place has around 80 vendors selling fresh produce, meat, seafood, exotic spices, lotions, soaps and so many more treats — not to mention the stands where you can dine-in or have a drink. 

I couldn't do much shopping since I was only in town for a day and most of the items being sold are not luggage-friendly. But I could do plenty of eating. This place is treat-filled heaven!

We intentionally came here on an empty stomach — actually, we walked quite a distance to get here, so we burnt plenty of calories and really worked up our hunger. It would be impossible to visit Torvehallerne and only eat at one food stand, so we grazed and shared items from multiple — the best way to eat! Luckily, I had a second stomach with me to make this treat-grazing strategy possible.


Ma Poule

Ma Poule serves a variety of French delicacies, but we are going to highlight the most important one — the duck confit sandwich. OMG, you guys — this sandwich was truly incredible. I wouldn't use "OMG" in my writing if I didn't mean it wholeheartedly.

While you wait for your order, you can see the duck crisping in a hot pan. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. So simple, yet so incredibly flavorful. I heard this sandwich has won awards and is actually well-known outside of Copenhagen. I didn't look that far into it, but I believe it. I'd stop in Copenhagen again just to eat this sandwich.

Please make sure you eat this sandwich if you are ever in Copenhagen. The things I would do to meet this sandwich once again.



Hallernes Smørrebrød

Smørrebrød is a Danish open-faced sandwich piled high with varieties of meat, seafood, spreads and sauces. Want to try one? Then you should make a stop at Hallernes Smørrebrød

I'm a sucker for a sandwich in any form, so I had to give one of these a try. These unique sandwich creations are traditionally served on dark, rye bread. It's pretty thick and heavy — unlike any bread that I'm used to eating in America.

The coolest thing about Hallernes Smørrebrød, and smørrebrød in generalis there are so many to choose from! Pickled herring is a common ingredient in this part of the world, but if fish isn't your thing they offer plenty other variations. There really is something for everyone. 

Oh — it might be important to note that you should use the utensils you're given to eat your smørrebrød. It's really tempting to just pick it up and eat it by hand (I know I wanted to), but the Danes are well-mannered. When in Denmark....




My stomach was nearing full capacity when we stumbled upon Fiskerikajen — a seafood stand selling fresh sea creatures and serving a few dine-in menu items. I wish my kitchen hadn't been 6,000 miles away, because the fresh seafood looked so incredibly good. I would've loved to stock my freezer. 

When I hear whispers claiming that this is Denmark's "best fish and chips," I cannot ignore the calling — I love fish and chips! This food stand should definitely be in your rotation, the fish and chips were delicious. My only regret is that I wasn't more hungry when we found it. I would have loved to try the fish taco.



Le Petit

You may or may not have noticed there were two glasses of bubbly sitting next to our duck sandwich a few photos back. Why not stick to the French theme and pair some champagne with our duck confit?

While they also offer food — I heard they have a great steak sandwich — Le Petit specializes in wine. This ultra-small, ultra-cute wine bar has an incredible selection and the staff is friendly and helpful. Not knowing much about wine or champagne, the man behind the counter was excited to help us make a selection. 

Even if your stomach is plenty full of food, stop by Le Petit for a post-meal drink. Or you can do what we did and pair it with your meal. Disclaimer: My wine pairing knowledge is non-existent, but it worked just fine for me.



Cafe Rosa

Just when I thought we were (seriously) done eating, we approached Cafe Rosa. I'm serious, we were exiting the building when we found this treat haven. I mean, just look at the photo above — look at that countertop. 

Of course we quickly convinced ourselves that we could share one item for dessert. Our chosen item was a moist-bread consistency, filled with bananas, nuts and chocolate. It was heavenly. Again, I wish I had more stomach space to indulge in the countless treats this woman had to offer.

I was really entertained sitting there and watching her bake — such talent and she seems to be running it all on her own. Make sure you try something here, even if you have to take it to-go and eat it later.



Mikkeller & Friends

If you aren't yet familiar with Mikkeller beer, I suggest you get familiar. Mikkeller is starting to make its way around the world, but the microbrewery was founded in Copenhagen — so it's understandably a big deal here. 

I am lucky enough to live in a US city that has a Mikkeller bar, so I came to Denmark determined to drink more Mikkeller. While there are actual bar locations in Copenhagen, Torvehallerne is home to one of Mikkeller's bottle shops

If you have a refrigerator back at your hotel or apartment, grab a few bottles and take them back with you. There are probably too many different types to taste them all (or not), but every one I have tried has been really, really good. And I'm not even the hugest beer connoisseur. But how fun are those labels? I'd be a fan for the graphic design alone. 


Once you're done indulging in all of Torvehallerne's food stands, walk off your meals by browsing through the rest of the market. If you do happen to have a kitchen wherever you are staying in Copenhagen, this is the perfect place to pick up a few items for cooking at home.


Have you ever been to Torvehallerne in Copenhagen? If so, what was your favorite food stand? I'd love to hear if there was anything delicious I may have missed!