Hi, I'm Kristen! The writer and wanderer behind Travels & Treats.

Travels & Treats is a travel, food and lifestyle blog that was originally started as a creative outlet, sort of serving as a private travel journal. With a journalism degree and a passion for photography, I was looking for a way use these skills to document my travel experiences. After a few months of writing and realizing how many hours of research I put into preparing for my trips, I thought, why not share this information with others?

My love for travel really kicked into gear after studying abroad in Spain at age 20. Since then, I have visited 21 countries (and counting!) I love the entire process of planning a new trip—finding the best deals on flights and lodging, scoping out great places to eat, and figuring out what the must-see sights are in a new city. 

As a travel blogger, you constantly are faced with being cornered into a travel-blogging niche. I'm not sure I like the idea of being forced into one confined space, because my taste and style is so eclectic. Good travel deals are my jam! Nothing gives me a rush like finding a super-cheap plane ticket across the world, so sure, I'm definitely big on budget and affordable travel. But at the same time, you'll catch me occasionally splurging on a night at a nice hotel, or a fancy dinner, as a treat to myself. 

I'm also really big on avoiding tourist traps, especially when it comes to restaurants. Travels & Treats focuses on finding and sharing good-quality, local food experiences in the cities I visit and sharing that information with you. Nothing shatters my heart more than seeing tourists in San Francisco eating at The Cheesecake Factory. (Sorry, Cheesecake Factory.) I know it's hard to avoid sometimes when you're unfamiliar with a city, but that's why I'm here to help!

I currently live and work full-time in beautiful San Francisco, CA. I'm fortunate to work for a company that is flexible and allows me to travel, so I'm able to satisfy my wanderlust and go on a few trips a year. When I'm not abroad, you can find me exploring my home city and the rest of Northern California.