Stockholm, Sweden in Winter: Why You Should Travel to Stockholm in January

The idea of traveling to Stockholm, Sweden in winter gives many people the chills—literally. I know that winter in Stockholm sounds scary and intimidating because that's exactly how I felt when the opportunity arose for me to travel to Stockholm in January. Won't it be too cold? Will I even be able to enjoy myself? I'm such an anxious overthinker, but these are legit questions. 

January is the coldest month in Stockholm with an average temperature of -3°C (27°F). That's pretty freaking cold for someone like myself who never has to deal with true winter weather. While my home city of San Francisco definitely isn't known for being a warm city,  46°F is the average low-temperature during the cold nights of January. So yeah, I had no idea how I would handle temps that are twice as a low, if not lower. 

Luckily, my love for cheap flights is much stronger than my fear of cold weather. I found a roundtrip nonstop flight from Oakland, California to Stockholm, Sweden for $290. When I'm faced with a deal that good, there is little that will get in my way. 

Frozen river in Stockholm
Man in the snow in Stockholm

Have you ever visited Stockholm in the winter? Do you think it's a good time to visit? Tell me your favorite winter destination in the comments below!