The Best Restaurants in Dubrovnik, Croatia

When trying to find the best restaurants in Dubrovnik, it can be really easy to fall into a tourist trap. For me, food is the most important part of a trip and it is what I spend the most time researching before traveling. 

I had read a lot of negativity towards the restaurants in Dubrovnik's Old Town — claiming that everything was overpriced and nothing was authentic. I'm happy to say, that while that is surely true for many restaurants in the area, it is also possible to have authentic, quality restaurants in Old Town Dubrovnik, as well as the surrounding area.

After countless hours of pre-travel research and one week of eating my way through the city, I'm here to share the restaurants and bars I visited — along with my honest opinions on eating and drinking in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

Best restaurants in dubrovnik, croatia

Sandwich at Buffet Skola in Old Town Dubrovnik

Buffet Skola

A surprisingly cheap, casual fast-food style restaurant found hidden among many overpriced tourist traps in the Old Town. Just a few steps off Stradun, Buffet Skola serves a variety local items. The sandwiches are made on fresh-baked bread, so I recommend trying one with prsut — Croatia's version of prosciutto. 

Old Town
Antuninska ul. 1
Dubrovnik, Croatia

Taj Mahal

Meat plate at Taj Mahal restaurant in Dubrovnik

With two locations in Dubrovnik, Taj Mahal lets you get a taste of Bosnia without leaving Croatia. Specializing in traditional grilled meats, the restaurant makes an incredibly filling platter that is a perfect meal for two people looking to try multiple menu items. I am definitely one of those people. The food is delicious, but it was a bit pricier than I expected. The meat platter is about $50.  Reservations in advance are highly recommended. 

Old Town
Nikole Gucetica
Dubrovnik, Croatia

Hotel Lero
Iva Vojnovica 14
Dubrovnik, Croatia

Sample platter at Barba restaurant in Old Town Dubrovnik


Seafood meets street food at Barba, located in Dubrovnik's Old Town. With limited menu items, this place takes pride in food and it really shows. The interior is bright, modern and inviting — and the dishes are some of my favorite I had in Dubrovnik. Knowing that people want to try many of their 12 menu items, Barba created a sampler platter for two, allowing guests to get a taste of everything they have to offer. I LOVED this place!

Old Town
Boskoviceva 5
Dubrovnik, Croatia


Lady Pi-Pi

Dinner at Lady Pi-Pi in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

Located on the outer-edge of the Old Town, Lady Pi-Pi was the most crowded restaurant we visited in Dubrovnik — but for good reason! Classified as a Croatian grill, this is the place to go if you are craving good barbecued meat. If you're lucky, you might get a seat with an awesome view over the Old Town. The ambiance here is incredible — an open-air restaurant sheltered by grape vines. Lady Pi-Pi does not take reservations. We showed up 30 minutes before they reopened for dinner and snagged one of the last seats. Go early!

Old Town
Antuninska ul. 21
Dubrovnik, Croatia

Shared plates at Pantarul, a restaurant in Dubrovnik, Croatia.


Located outside of the busy Old Town, Pantarul is the most modern and innovative dining experience we had in Croatia. Using fresh, seasonal and locally-sourced ingredients, dishes are served in smaller portions, allowing diners to indulge tapas-style. If you're staying in or around the Old Town, you'll need to catch a cab to Pantarul. It's worth the ride. This was one of our best meals in Dubrovnik — food and staff are both amazing!

Kralja Tomislava 1
Dubrovnik, Croatia

Konoba Dubrava

Peka meat plate at Konoba Dubrava in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

This gem is actually located outside Dubrovnik, in a village on the mountain that overlooks the city. Konoba Dubrava is known for serving meat dishes that cook for three hours under an iron bell, known locally as peka. To enjoy this local specialty, you must order in advance due to the long cooking time. Make time to visit this charming and traditional establishment; it's easy to get to if you are planning to take the cable car up to Mount Srd.

Tip: Konoba Dubrava allowed me to make reservations and order the peka meat plate via email. Do this a few weeks before you go on your trip. The veal and lamb mix plate is amazing.

Bosanka bb.
Bosanka, Croatia

Eating lunch on the water at Konoba Vinica Monkonic, a restaurant near Dubrovnik, Croatia.

Konoba Vinica Monkovic

Also located outside of Dubrovnik, this is another restaurant that is a must-try. This is the one restaurant we ate at that I did not research beforehand. We are so lucky that we had two locals recommend Konoba Vinica Monkovic, because it ended up being such a special dining experience. In the heart of the countryside, this traditional-style restaurant is located on a river — our table was literally inches above the water. The food is delicious and affordable — highly recommended!

Donja Ljuta 44
Cavtat, Croatia

Lokanda Peskarija

Seafood dinner in Dubrovnik Old Town

With a prime location overlooking the harbor in Dubrovnik, Lokanda Peskarija may or may not be a tourist trap. With reviews ranging from spectacular to worst-experience-ever, I was skeptical. We gave it a try one night while craving seafood and outdoor seating — it has plenty of both. No major complaints to report on the food, but also nothing to write home about. This place is a safe choice, but likely won't blow you away. Prices are tad high, as you'd expect in a major tourist area.

Old Town
Na Ponti bb.
Dubrovnik, Croatia

Gunduliceva Poljana market in Old Town Dubrovnik.

Gunduliceva Poljana

While it may not be a restaurant, this open-air market in the middle of Old Town Dubrovnik has plenty to offer. Whether you are looking for produce for dinner, or just want a mid-day snack, this is a great stop. Filled with beautiful, fresh fruits and vegetables, I thought this was the perfect spot to stop for a quick break and enjoy a cup of fruit. 

Old Town
Gunduliceva Poljana (Gundulic Square)

best bars in dubrovnik, croatia

Bar with ocean view in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

Buza Bar

Cold drinks with the most beautiful view? This might be the most enticing sign I've ever encountered. Follow this sign down to a narrow doorway on the side of the cliff — you will exit the Old Town into a bar with a panoramic view of the Adriatic Sea. With steps leading down to the water, guests can enjoy a swim in between overpriced drinks. But really, just suck it up and pay for the overpriced drinks. The view is worth it.

Tip: Buza Bar has two locations, Buza and Buza II. Both can be entered from the Old Town, both offer amazing views.

Crijeviceva ulica 9
Dubrovnik, Croatia

Have a drink at the colorful Art Cafe in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

Art Cafe

With a bright color palette and seats made out of bathtubs, this funky cafe is a nice escape from Dubrovnik's crowded Old Town. Just a few blocks from the Old Town gate, Art Cafe offers affordable drinks and a cool vibe. The free Wi-Fi is nice, too!

Branitelja Dubrovnika 25
Dubrovnik, Croatia

Croatian craft beer in Old Town Dubrovnik.

Glam Cafe

Looking for breakfast, or maybe a Croatian craft beer? Glam Cafe offers a little of everything, just off Stradun in Dubrovnik's Old Town. We visited at night for a beverage, so we have no feedback on the food. I had their homemade pomegranate liquor — best drink I had on this trip! I wish I could have brought a bottle home with me.

Old Town
Palmoticva ul. 5
Dubrovnik, Croatia

Wine tasting in Old Town Dubrovnik, Croatia

D'Vino Wine Bar

Directly across from Glam Cafe in the Old Town, D'Vino Wine Bar has an incredible variety of wines from all over Croatia. Enjoy a beer at Glam Cafe, then cross over the narrow street for a wine flight. This place is adorable and the staff are so knowledgable and friendly. A must-stop for drinks in the Old Town — especially if you're a wine lover!

Old Town
Palmoticeva ul. 4A
Dubrovnik, Croatia



Dancing at Culture Club Revelin in Dubrovnik

Culture Club Revelin

If you feel like getting really wild, or if you're just nosy like us, head into Dubrovnik's popular nightclub for a drink and some bass-thumping music. Vegas-type clubs just aren't my thing anymore, but I will admit that I was intrigued, as Culture Club Revelin is located inside a 500-year-old fortress. If you're walking around Old Town at night, you'll likely be approached and offered free entrance before midnight. That's ultimately what led us in. 

Svetog Dominika 3
Dubrovnik, Croatia

Before my trip, people I spoke to and reviews I read weren't really giving much credit to the restaurant scene in Dubrovnik. While it's definitely not overflowing with high-quality food options like Paris or Rome, I found plenty of top-notch restaurants to keep me satisfied and well-fed throughout my six-day stay.

As with any city, I believe that there are always authentic, affordable, high-quality options out there – you just have to do a little work to find them sometimes. I already miss the standard octopus salad that can be found on every Croatian dining menu! 

Do you have any favorite dishes or restaurants in Dubrovnik, Croatia? Share them with me in the comments!


Best Restaurants in Dubrovnik, Croatia