Portland, Oregon Day Trip: Hood River Lavender Farms

View of Mt Hood from Hood River Lavender Farm

During my four days in Portland, I was determined to see one of the lavender farms in Oregon that I'd seen photos of online. Oregon is home to a number of lavender farms and luckily Hood River Lavender Farms is near Portland. Not gonna lie—I drool in awe every time I see a photo on Instagram or Pinterest of someone frolicking in the picturesque lavender fields in France. I'm such a sucker for flower fields of any kind, and I needed some lavender in my life.

About Hood River Lavender Farms in Oregon

Hood River Lavender Farms is a beautiful, organic lavender farm near Portland. The farm has become a tourist attraction, and there's no denying why when you see how stunning the lavender fields are, paired with the surrounding scenery.

In addition to the acres of photogenic purple fields, Hood River Lavender Farms steam distills its lavender to produce pure essential oil. The oil then enables the production of a variety of lavender products such as soap, lotion, candles, perfume and tea, to name a few. It's crazy to see how many ways lavender can be used—from beauty products to cooking essentials. 

Traveling to hood river lavender farms from portland, oregon

Hood River Lavender Farms is located 70 miles from Portland, nestled in the scenic Hood River Valley of Oregon. My boyfriend and I rented a car, so we were prepared to take a little road trip to the lavender farms. The journey is a little over an hour drive, but the drive itself was so pleasant and there was so much to look at! We took Highway 30 all the way there, which follows along the Columbia River. The scenery was beautiful and we made a few pit stops along the way to admire the views.

En route to Hood River Lavender Farms from Portland, we stopped at Multnomah Falls, which is about 30 minutes outside of Portland. It worked best to stop at Multnomah Falls first before heading to the lavender farms, because the parking for waterfall access gets full quick in the morning and the lot closes as soon as it's at capacity. I'd definitely recommend a stop here on the way. The waterfall is impressively beautiful and so easy to get to, with no hiking involved. 


Visiting Hood River Lavender Farms near Portland

Once we reached Hood River Lavender Farms, we were able to easily snag a spot to park the car within the small lot on the property. The farm itself is relatively small, so there isn't any long-distance walking involved to access it. We walked right in to the lavender farm from the parking lot. There is no entry fee to get in.

For a small fee you can pick your own bundle of lavender. To do this, I found someone who works at the farm, paid them $5, and was immediately handed a pair of scissors and a zip tie. Only $5 to collect my own bundle of lavender to take home?! I thought this was awesome and I was so excited! I expected it to be all look and no touch, which would have been fine, as I was happy just to take photos of the beautiful scenery.  But being able to gather a lavender bundle doubled as a fun souvenir to take home from our trip to Oregon. 

After I paid my $5, the kind woman from Hood River Lavender Farms took me over to the fields and gave me a quick, informative lecture on which rows of lavender were ready to be picked and how to properly cut the lavender. This also included important information on how to avoid the bees. Oh my, there were so many bees! I don't know if I've ever seen so many bees in my life. The nice thing, though, is they are easy to dodge if you are cautious and follow instruction. We didn't have any issues with the bees, but do be aware that they are out here if you have an allergy. 

After enjoying time frolicking amongst the lavender fields and taking plenty of photos, we went to browse the tiny on-site shop where the farm owners sell their product. I definitely recommend checking out all of their home and beauty items that they make from the lavender they farm. It's quite an impressive selection of lavender goods and it's a great place to buy a gift for someone who might have a birthday approaching—or you can just buy yourself a gift for no reason at all. That works, too.

Assuming traffic is flowing smoothly, you could realistically make your way out to Hood River Lavender Farms and back to Portland in less than half a day. There's plenty to see along the way though, so my suggestion is to leave an entire day open for the journey out there and make a day out of it. 

Learn more about lavender

  • Lavender is an herb.
  • The best condition for growing lavender is full sun and well-drained soil.
  • Lavender blooms usually peak some time between late June and August.
  • There are about 40 different species of lavender.
  • Lavender is native to the mediterranean region of the world.
  • Lavender season generally runs from mid-June through early August. This is when the color is vibrant and scent is strong.
Cutting lavender at Hood River Lavender Farm, a day trip from Portland
White and purple lavender field at Hood River Lavender Farm near Portland
Day trip from Portland, Oregon to lavender farm
Cutting lavender at Hood River Lavender Farm
Bundle of lavender at Hood River Lavender Farm
Day trip from Portland, Oregon to Hood River Lavender Farm
Oregon lavender farm
Picking lavender at Hood River Lavender Farm in Oregon
Shades of purple at the Hood River Lavender Farm
Lavender bundle from Hood River Lavender Farm, day trip from Portland
Freshly cut lavender near Portland, Oregon

Is anyone else obsessed with lavender and flower fields? What are some of the best colorful fields you've seen? Tell me about it in the comments below!


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