Romantic Boutique Hotel in Singapore: The Scarlet Singapore

A romantic hotel for couples in Singapore

If you want a romantic boutique hotel for couples in Singapore, I think I've found the place. This Singapore hotel would be perfect for a honeymoon or romantic proposal. Note that I was not in Singapore for either of these events, I was actually traveling solo, but this was my first impression of this amazing boutique hotel that I stayed at for two nights—The Scarlet Singapore.

It's so difficult to decide where to stay in Singapore because the city is full of amazing hotels. Whether you're looking for a romantic boutique hotel, a business hotel, or luxurious hotel, the options are endless. When I began my search for a hotel in Singapore, there were a few things I was looking for: quality and creativity.

I tend to be drawn to boutique hotels because they usually provide the creative edge that I enjoy. Like I said, it's easy to find high-quality hotels in Singapore, there are really so many of them to choose from. But I didn't want a hotel that was luxurious, yet just like the rest. I wanted a hotel that stands out; I wanted to stay in a place that was unique with a thoughtful design and an interesting story.

The Scarlet Singapore quickly became one of my top boutique hotel choices. I had a full week in Singapore and wanted to stay at a couple different hotels so that I could experience the different areas of the city that were of interest to me. The Scarlet Singapore is located just a few minutes walking distance from Chinatown, where I knew I wanted to spend a good amount of time exploring and eating. I was excited to check in for two nights and get to know the area.

A Bold, Romantic Boutique Hotel Near Singapore's Chinatown

Arriving at The Scarlet Singapore

Located on historic Erskine Road, The Scarlet Singapore is housed in a 1924 Art Deco Building and 19th-century shophouses. As soon as I approached the exterior of the hotel, I was in awe of the beautifully preserved character—I'd definitely never seen a hotel that was quite like this. It's fascinating to know how long this building has been around and to imagine the stories and history that lie within. 

From the outside, I love how the hotel spans along such a lengthy portion of the road, leading you slowly uphill towards the main entrance. The window shutters were probably my favorite characteristic on the exterior of The Scarlet Singapore. So quaint and charming!

Checking-in to The Scarlet Singapore

The lobby of The Scarlet Singapore is adorned in rich, bold colors. Textured furniture and linens in deep reds and blues surrounded me upon entry. After taking a few steps into the front door, I found myself standing directly under a lovely, glistening chandelier. Right ahead of me, a couple of friendly faces were excited to welcome me into the hotel.

The check-in process could't have been smoother. Within minutes I was handed a key to my room on the second floor of the hotel. The hotel is very long and has quite an interesting layout due to the fact that it's built inside of a historically preserved building. At first it was a little bit confusing finding my way to my room, but the unique layout plays a huge role in the overall character of the hotel, which I really loved. The hallways are long, inclined at times, rich in color and dimly lit. Before I even made it to my room, the design, detail, and decor had me feeling like I was in a very exclusive and intimate setting. 

The Scarlet Singapore's Guest Rooms

Romantic guest room at The Scarlet Singapore

The Scarlet Singapore offers a variety of different rooms depending on your needs, ranging from Standard, which is the most basic room, to the Premium Room, and a number of spacious, sexy suites. The room that I stayed in was the second-level type, the Executive, and had everything I needed. I did get to take a peek into a few of the suites and I must say, they are stunning! The suites here are definitely worthy of an engagement proposal or honeymoon.

My room was the perfect size for me as a solo traveler and would have still worked well had I been traveling with one other person. When I travel, I don't spend much time in the hotel room so excessive space is not something I look for. My room had a few feet of space on each side of the bed, with a small desk included on one side as well, which was perfect for me to setup my laptop and camera gear.

If I had to choose my favorite things about my room, I'd say it was the shower, which was huge, and the gorgeous windows facing the street. I found the bathroom to be generously spacious in comparison to the room, which was a really nice perk. The bed and pillows were really comfortable, too, so that's also worth noting. One thing that you should be aware of as a traveler is that some of the rooms at The Scarlet Singapore do not have windows, due to the uniquely-shaped, historic building that the hotel is housed in. If this is an issue for you, you'll want to inquire when booking to make sure you book a room that suits your needs. 

Rooftop Dining, Drinks & Views over Singapore's Chinatown

City view from the rooftop at The Aria above The Scarlet Singapore

One of the most pleasant surprises for me at The Scarlet Singapore was the rooftop restaurant, Aria. Located on the fourth level of the hotel, Aria serves Sicilian food, wine, and cocktails while offering views over Singapore's Chinatown. I went up one evening after the sun set and was so amazed by the photo-worthy scene surrounded by bright city lights. I'd already been on a number of the more touristy rooftop locations in the city, but I really enjoyed this rooftop in particular since it wasn't a touristy, overcrowded spot. The restaurant was full and busy, but it feels tucked away in a more intimate setting. 

I enjoyed a few appetizers at the bar along with a glass of wine and had great conversation with the bartenders. Everyone here was so friendly and welcoming. It's always nice to have a friendly bartender, especially when you're traveling solo and posted up at the bar by yourself. Aria was hosting a birthday party while I was there and it looked like an awesome time. I thought that was worth noting for anyone who might be planning an event in Singapore. As a person who plans events in my day job, this would be a dream venue for me if I lived in Singapore. 

The Perfect hotel for a Romantic proposal or Honeymoon

Romantic hotel suite in Singapore

Okay—so if you're paying attention you might be wondering why I keep calling this hotel romantic, because if you're paying attention you will have read that I was traveling alone. Solo. So you might be wondering, what was so romantic about a hotel stay at The Scarlet Singapore? Well I'm glad you asked!

So yeah, I was traveling solo when I stayed at The Scarlet Singapore and while I had an incredible stay, I definitely felt that this was the type of setting that would be even better to be shared with someone special. The entire ambiance and vibe of The Scarlet Singapore is just so chic and intimate, I can see why the hotel is a popular place for engagement proposals and honeymoons. From the rich colors that span the walls, to the luxurious texture of each beautifully crafted piece of furniture, every detail in this hotel plays a role in the overall romantic, intimate vibe.

I stayed in one of the smaller guest rooms, but I was able to catch a peek of one of the hotel's suites, which are stunning! I was told by hotel staff that they assist with a number of surprise proposals. It's clear that they really go all out here at The Scarlet Singapore to make sure their guests have a special, unforgettable experience. And for a hotel that was fully booked during my stay, I was impressed with how private my stay felt. Sometimes hotels can be absolute chaos—loud noise, crowds of people, and just disruption in general that takes away from the peaceful and relaxing experience we often hope for while traveling. The Scarlet Singapore provided an unexpected level of privacy, it often times didn't feel like I was in a hotel. Most of the other guests I saw were couples or a pair of adult friends, so I'm under the impression this isn't the best choice of hotel for families with children.

Overall, I have nothing but praise for The Scarlet Singapore and enthusiastically recommend this property for anyone looking to stay in a unique, clean, intimate boutique hotel that is centrally located in Singapore. Chinatown ended up being one of my favorite neighborhoods to explore and eat, and The Scarlet Singapore provides convenient access to some of Singapore's best food and hawker centres. 

What is the most romantic boutique hotel you've ever stayed in? Tell me in the comments below!


Travels and Treats was welcomed as a guest of The Scarlet Singapore. As always, all opinions are my own.

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